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10 Online habits that can hurt your career

The internet is a wonderful and terrible thing. It is wonderful for it allows us to access enormous amounts of information and data. It allows us to connect with each other virtually in an instant. It also allows the free sharing of thoughts, ideas, concepts, and many more.

Like all things, the internet has some bad sides. There are some websites or programs on the internet that can cause harm, discomfort, and even, to some extent, death.

The thing is, the internet can be good or bad depending of the people that use or access it. So this time, we’ll be looking at some online habits that may be causing you some harm.

10 Online Habits That Can Hurt Your Career

·        Social Media at Work

According to ResumeThatWorks service, social media websites and apps like Facebook and Twitter have exploded in the recent decade. Virtually everyone has a Facebook or Twitter profile. The thing is, most people use them every chance they get—even if they’re at work. And doing this will definitely take their concentration and focus form the task they’re doing.

·        Inappropriate Language and Behavior

A lot of companies and employers have begun checking the online habits of their applicants. Some of them check out the person’s social media posts. So if there is a part that shows obscenely inappropriate behavior, it might affect their chances at landing the job.

·        Bad-mouthing

One common thing that happens when someone feels extremely bad is they rant in social media. They post Facebook statuses or Tweet a lot. But the problem with this behavior is when they are already badmouthing people they work with or their employers. That person’s employment status can be compromised just because of a single social media post.

·        Spamming

This can affect the relationship with the people around you. Spamming them with so many emails or information can cause the relationship to crumble.

·        Tagging

Tagging every person on a certain post, comment, or picture can be annoying for the person who was tagged. Especially if they do not agree with the message or do not like the picture. People often tag others on a post they find interesting or funny. The thing is, the tagged person may not have the same interests or find the same things funny as the person who tagged them. So this can destroy some work relationships as well.

·        Distraction

Above all else, the use of social media at work will definitely cause some form of distraction. It can lead to lower productivity or lower performance.

·        Procrastination

While a person is browsing the internet, he or she is not doing her job. This causes procrastination on a certain task, or even the whole day. Instead of being productive and working, they’re just sitting there and browsing the web.

·        Product Promotion

Promoting a product online is normal. A lot of people do it. But the problem lies in the sheer number of products being promoted. Sometimes people will just share or promote a product by tagging or spamming the people they work with.

·        Too Much Information

Social media posts and statuses have become so commonplace that there are times when people share too much information. This has a double effect as it not only gives out sensitive information about the person but it can also lead to their identity being stolen.

·        Plagiarism

Another effect that distraction and procrastination brought about by the inappropriate use of the internet is plagiarism. This is most problematic for those in the field where writing content is the job. This not only leads to poor work performance, but it can also have legal ramifications.


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